The Values we live by

People first, last, and always

In today’s world, nothing has as much influence on learning or life as the Internet and other electronic media. Wrongly used, it can lead to great harm, but we believe that by creating the perfect software and web services we can leverage this great power to do a world of good for our community.


Empowerment for every child.

Developing technology that helps every child in their quest for knowledge, wisdom and entertainment on the Internet while keeping them 100% safe, 100% of the time.

  • Offering your child, a new universe of learning and entertainment opportunities.
  • Suitable for every setting, Little Browser is perfect for everything from home use, use in the classroom, use when traveling… the potential never runs out.

Protecting Children Online

Little Browser's creators create new initiatives and continually refine the Little Browser experience to offer children the best possible tools.

  • Little Browser's creators participate in the most prestigious technology events, sharing our ideas and learning from the best.
  • Using the latest multimedia technology to strive for perfection.

Our Team

Meet some of the designers and creatives who are passionate about driving the development of Little Browser to ever new heights. This team is at the pinnacle of a huge group of volunteers who work tirelessly to make Little Browser the best it can possibly be.

Akshit Akshit

Software Developer

Kapil Ojha Kapil Ojha
Kapil Ojha

Project Manager

Gaurav Jain Gaurav Jain
Gaurav Jain

Team Leader Php

John John

Project Advisor

Meet Our Partners

We thank all our partners, without whom we couldn’t continue our vital project.