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Access one of the biggest libraries of entertaining educational content anywhere.


A vast array of superlative content, expanding by the day.

Exclusive content

Little Browser's unique high quality content is unavailable elsewhere.

Total protection

Your child can't leave the boundaries you set within Little Browser, guaranteeing 100% safety, 100% of the time.

Content manager

Little Browser can be customized for the ultimate personal browsing experience.


You're always in control of the times Little Browser can be used.

A new provider offering a uniquely child-centered browser.

Add-ons are continually being developed to expand and enhance
the Little Browser experience.

A uniquely powerful browser for today's Internet.

A multiverse of add-ons, expanding all the time.

  • As a parent, teacher or caregiver, you have the peace
    of mind in knowing you are always in full control.
  • You can restrict or expand content access at any time
    and in any way you choose.
  • The scheduler ensures your child only has access at the
    times of your choosing.
  • Little Browser now works on virtually every popular device.
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Empowerment for every child.

Little Browser is set to become the most popular child-specific browser, helping every child to maximize the opportunities offered by the Internet while remaining totally safe at all times.

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Keeping it simple, making it easy.

Little Browser's uncluttered and simple interface lets your child go straight to accessing the best content instead of having to waste time learning the vagaries of a browser.

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Uniting children, parents and carers through the Internet.

Little Browser is rooted in its community, which helps to create, manage and support the best child friendly content.


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